About Me


I’m Ali. I’m 24 and live in the fabulous and sunny city of Santa Monica, California. As you can probably see, I love my California  life…a lot. I’m a huge foodie, homemaker, and a fan of all things that make us healthy.  I’m a proud and grateful twin, girlfriend, daughter, cousin, granddaughter, and friend.  I think love, laughter, and occasionally shopping, are the best medicines in life. Also I love sushi.

I started my blog as a way to share my recipes with my family and friends in a fun way. I originally made my blog at wordpress.com  and later moved it over to this site in September 2013. I came up with CaliCooking.com as a little play on words with my own name, Ali, and California, aka Cali. I really believe that living in California has inspired my light and healthy recipes, so I hope you enjoy eating like a Californian!

Thanks for visiting!